A comprehensive solution for wine sampling

We package wine for sampling, from bottle to tube, in the safest most convenient way…
As a wine producer, a distributor, you want your clients & consumers to be able to taste and review your product. With Vinitube you can reach up to 15 customers per bottle using our single serve tubes.

A simple all-inclusive process:

  • Handcrafted for you: Our minimum batch is one bottle so you can even consider your rarest wines to be shared among your clients.
  • Deliver your bottles to our premises, collect your samples from us.
  • We can label and pack them in luxury boxes or envelopes,
    we can even ship the samples to your clients on your behalf.

Quality control:

We know just how fragile wines are therefore we take the utmost care with your bottles. From the opening of the bottle under a neutral atmosphere, free of oxygen, the wine is decanted into the Vinitube and closed with tamper evident capsules under a continuous flow of pure argon. The entire process is monitored to avoid any possible alteration of your precious wine’s qualities.  The final product standards are controlled by a laboratory.

Hygiene is key:

Our 45ml Vinitubes are made of virgin PET. They are sterilized and rinsed through a reverse osmosis washer system to make sure no residue or water-soluble particles could contaminate your wine.

Shelf life:

Just like any wine, maturation is influenced by time. The rate of evolution is accelerated in smaller packaging. Magnums age more slowly than half bottles. The pace of evolution by 45 ml is accelerated. Vinitube has undergone extensive testing with wine and proves to maintain its perfection for months if properly stored. It is advised to store Vinitube just like a regular bottle of wine – in a cool place, shielded from direct light. This way we had some wines kept fresh up to 10 months in tubes.

A comprehensive solution for wine sampling

How Vinitube can bring added value to your winery:

We bottle wines in single serve portions, in order to enjoy a drink by tasting portion. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. By letting us focus on the quality of every single tube, you can focus on the added value Vinitube will bring to your company.
  • Offer your sales team fresh samples nationwide at a a fraction of the cost of a bottle.
  • Send your private clients a taste of your new releases.
  • Give your wine club members a broader vision of your range, offering vertical tasting.
  • Send journalists, sommeliers and influencers a taste of these rare bottles even if you cannot fly them to your wine farm, make them feel included.
  • Bring your samples with you on international flights when you visit your importers or visit ProWein and Vinexpo.
  • Leave a wine sample with your client, making sure the wine will be tasted and the bottle will not disappear.
  • Make sure your wine offered in the tasting room is always fresh…in low season nothing is worse than a 3 day old opened bottle.
  • Organise wine competitions, tasting contests, food pairing tournaments or online workshops, assuring that participants in Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg or Bloemfontein will taste the same wine freshness as if they were in Paarl.
  • Our 45 ml format makes sending your wines around the country or overseas a breeze, being space and weight efficient, your carbon footprint is minimized whilst keeping up with quality as if the wine never left the bottle.

Virtually Unbreakable:

Vinitube is 100% recyclable and offers better thermal insulation than glass. The oxygen porosity of our tubes is monitored by external labs and is stricter than regulatory requirements.

Recycling PET Vinitube requires less energy than recycling glass. If you cannot recycle your Vinitubes, we can do it for you, because we care for our collective future.

Material Used:

100% pure virgin Polyethylene. The same food grade material that packs most of the beverages you are drinking, from the mineral water you purchase at the corner shop to the Cognac served aboard most airlines.

Trading Hours:

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